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Tech-Moms x NetDocuments Partnership 2023

In January 2023, Tech-Moms partnered with NetDocuments as a sponsor for a cohort of 22 women from Utah county who are looking to enter the tech world. In addition to financial support for the cohort, NetDocuments provided numerous guest speakers, led informative workshops, and provided mentorship for Tech-Moms students, as well as hosting the cohort graduation and an inspiring evening event for the program.

Through this partnership, one Tech-Moms alumna found a full-time job in tech and another started an internship, both at NetDocuments. Other graduates also found new roles in web development, operations, and graphic design. Several graduates of this cohort are pursuing additional tech training in data analytics, Salesforce administration, and computer science. We are excited to see where all these graduates will land, based on the solid foundation they received with the support of NetDocuments!

NetDocuments is a Utah-based technology company that focuses on the legal industry. Their employees provided workshops covering everything from engineering and product management to sales and analytics. One student commented on the quality of the guest speakers, “They were all amazing and very inspiring! It's really valuable to know what's out there. Thank you for the opportunity and all the information shared with us.”

NetDocuments CEO, Josh Baxter, attended graduation and spoke about why their company is so committed to supporting women in tech initiatives. A panel of NetDocuments female employees also shared their experiences regarding the wide breadth of options in tech, outside of the traditional roles we think of. One Tech-Mom expressed her gratitude for the NetDocuments guest speakers by saying, “It was really, really great that NetDocuments sponsored our cohort, and they have a lot of amazing women working for them!”

This partnership created value equally for the Tech-Moms students as well as NetDocuments employees as they were able to talk about their journey in tech and educate on their specialty. We were able to see these women grow to own their presence in a room and become confident in their skillset.

We’d love to give a huge shout-out to NetDocuments for sponsoring this cohort. Their generosity and engagement were powerful and made a huge difference to our Tech-moms. A final word of thanks from a graduate of this cohort:

“I'm so grateful to Tech-Moms and for the strong women behind the organization that make it a priority to encourage each new cohort to keep chasing their dreams, or to go after new ones. I'm grateful to NetDocuments for investing heavily in the program by providing expert speakers and hosting our graduation.”

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