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Breaking Barriers: Tech-Moms Unveils a 6-Month Cyber Security Program for Alumni

By AI and Sarah Baca

“Tech-Moms are Cyber Moms!” - Bobbi Teel

We're thrilled to announce our latest venture – Tech-Moms 2.0, a game-changing 6-month Cyber Security Program, that will open up a world of new opportunities to our Tech-Moms. 

To our partners and sponsors: You are the champions behind the scenes! Thank you to The Microsoft #Techspark Foundation, Lisa Karstetter, and Michelle Schuler, for being the lead sponsors of this program. Thank you to the PROG Foundation, Beth Martial and Franque Bains for graciously hosting our organization. Additionally, a heartfelt thanks to the Upwork Foundation and the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, for their contributions, making this amazing program possible. 

None of the magic happening at Tech-Moms would be possible without the incredible support of our sponsors. Thank you for believing in our vision and allowing us to turn it into a reality for women across Utah. 

Our new program started on February 10th, from the PROG Development Center, located in West Valley City. Led by Gwen Iarussi, our Technical Trainer, 30 Tech-Moms alumni embarked on their journey in Cyber Security.  Gwen is a dynamic and innovative tech executive, whose leadership is human centric, and is adept at building extraordinary teams.

Gwen joined Tech-Moms because I truly believe that this organization is committed to helping women in technology. Cybersecurity is a field that is increasing in demand, as we enter a new era driven by AI and even quantum computing. It is an industry that not only has the need but is a natural fit for the curiosity, critical thinking and intuition that women bring to the field. As a woman in tech, I consider it an honor to be a part of broadening this field and opening the doors to more diversity.”

The program is divided into three segments, after which our graduates will emerge with three industry leading certifications. Child care is provided, to help remove a barrier that many families face. These graduates will be propelled to new heights in the high demand and ever growing field of Cyber Security.

1. IT Foundations Months 1-2 - CompTIA A+ Certification

This first segment is designed to teach the fundamental knowledge needed to be successful in Cyber Security. From hardware and software essentials to troubleshooting, virtualization and cloud computing, and operational procedures; our students will finish the first segment CompTIA A+ certified, the industry standard for launching careers in IT.


2. Networking Months 3-4 - CompTIA Network+ Certification

Here our Tech-Moms will master networking fundamentals. They’ll dive deep into networking concepts, security, troubleshooting, implementations and operations. Through this segment they’ll emerge with a CompTIA Network+ certification that will take their IT infrastructure to the next level.


3. Security Month 5-6 - CompTIA Security+ Certification

The final leg of our program will be dedicated to cybersecurity mastery, which will give graduates the basic skills necessary to perform core security functions and pursue a career in IT. They will learn security concepts, operations, threats and vulnerabilities mitigation, security program management and oversight, as well as security architecture. This knowledge will culminate in the prestigious CompTIA Security+ certification.

Utah Tech-Moms alumni learning about cyber security
Tech-Moms Alumni Jumping into Cyber Security

Why Tech-Moms 2.0? Because We're More Than a Program - We're a community!


At Tech-Moms, we're not just about certifications; we're about building a close-knit community that empowers and supports each other. Throughout our programs, Tech-Moms connects inspiring and capable people from across the Wasatch Front and beyond. Our community allows you to share experiences, address your fears, and celebrate victories TOGETHER. Tech-Moms is a launchpad, propelling you into a future where women lead, innovate, and thrive in the dynamic world of tech.


“The opportunities that Tech Moms 2.0 offers are really incredible and unique. Not only are the curriculum and certifications top notch, but participants have the unique opportunity to learn and study together with other women who understand their challenges.” - Bobbi Teel Tech-Moms alumna, 2.0 T.A., and Security Triage Analyst Intern


A big thank you for our amazing team at Tech-Moms, Mikel Blake, Merianne Gates, Trina Limpert, and Robbyn Scribner; along with our wonderful Technical Trainer, Gwen Iarussi, as well as our brilliant T.A.'s Sarah Evans, and Bobbi Teel. They all worked tirelessly to make this program a reality. Another round of gratitude for MomPod Co, for providing childcare for our Tech-Moms. Thank you for being the foundation to our success!

Want to Join?


Ready to launch to new heights with Tech-Moms? Head to our website and learn more about how you can get involved. 


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