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Tech-Moms is our foundational program to help women transition into better careers, centering a lifelong learning model that is essential in the rapidly evolving world of tech. We introduce students to a wide variety of technical pathways that are perfect for those just entering the field, while providing a strong support network to ensure continued success.

Tech-Moms 2.0 programs offer additional training and certifications for Tech-Moms Alumni. In coming months we are hoping to expand these courses to include expanded training in Data, AI, and Program Management. Our current 2.0 cohort focuses on Cybersecurity. All graduates will continue to have access to our Professional Development and Job Placement Programs.

Ready to go back to work after a career break, but not sure if tech is the right industry for you? Get support for career re-entry with our 2-part online course, Relaunching your Career for Women, offered in partnership with the Utah Women in Leadership Project. Here you will gain support, skills and the confidence needed to successfully return to the workforce.

Tech-Moms Foundational Program

Our nine week course is offered in locations along the Wasatch Front

Now accepting applications for Fall Semester which will begin in September 2024

Join us for our nine-week introductory program where you will learn basic coding skills in HTML, CSS and dip your toes into JavaScript. By the end of the course you will build a personal website showcasing your skills and talents. In class you will also have the opportunity to hear from a variety of professionals as they introduce themselves and their careers. This is a great way to network with people working in this industry, as well as learn about career opportunities in Tech. Tuition ranges between $300-$400 and child care support is available.

*Tuition assistance available

Watch this video to learn more about this program


Weber State University logo, purple W

2605 Monroe Blvd

Ogden, UT 84401

Classes Starting Fall 2024

UVU, Utah Valley University logo

800 W University Pkwy

Orem, UT 84058

Classes Starting Fall 2024

The University of Utah logo, large red U

540 Arapeen Dr 

Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Classes Starting Fall 2024

Katharine Ponczoch, Tech-Moms Utah women in tech

Katharine Ponczoch, Tech-Moms Lehi Fall 2021 Cohort

“I was a homemaker drowning in cloth diapers. Tech-Moms helped me get a vision for how I could move from where I was, to where I wanted to be; with an amazing community of support.”

Tech-Moms 2.0

Next Steps Training

Tech-Moms 2.0 programs offer next-steps training and industry leading certifications for Tech-Moms Alumni. Our current 2.0 program is an intensive 6 month certification process that focuses on Cybersecurity. Here students gain a foundation in cyber and IT essentials,  including  CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ fundamentals, with an emphasis on the Security+ certification.

Relaunching Your Career

Returning to the Workforce

"Relaunching Your Career for Women” is a self-paced, asynchronous course (offered in 2 parts) that covers everything you need to know when it's time to re-enter the workforce. Course content includes 

  • career exploration

  • resume and interviewing skills

  • professional networking 

  • preparing your family for your return to work

  • developing your skills

  • building confidence

This online course is separate from our Tech-Moms courses, and isn’t focused on any single industry or career path.

Register for the course "Relaunching Your Career" here. 

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