"Tech-Moms made all the difference for me. I was already enrolled in a full stack course, but it didn't provide the support or networking, it didn't bridge the gaps, that Tech-Moms bridges. I literally wouldn't have the job I'm in now without the networking from Tech-Moms. Beyond that, the empowerment and the vision gained from the course, the continued support, and the leadership, continues to motivate me and keep me propelling forward in my career and in my life. Tech-Moms helped me to realize I could have a career that could provide well for my family, while also being flexible enough to be available for my family. "


"The Tech-Moms program literally reignited my desire to keep on learning, never settle, I can claim my spot and meet my goals. Thank you so much ladies for gifting me my empowerment this year and letting me be a part of this cohort!"



"Tech-Moms is life changing! It is an amazing support network that is helping me through a huge life change to better the life of me and my family! I am so lucky to be a part of it! I feel like the pandemic has pushed me to find my career instead of a job, a career where I can achieve respect and some flexibility. I have been on the fence waiting for the 'right time' to start my journey but Covid has shown me there is no right time and I just need to do it."


"Tech-Moms has been a great resource not only during my education with them, but also the aftercare. I am so grateful for Robbyn and all of the team who continue to offer and educate us Tech Mom's with up-to-date resources, tech events, job openings and education programs being offered. "



"Tech-Moms is amazing. It gave me the confidence to know that I can learn the skills I need to get a job in tech. Before tech moms I was scared about trying out tech boot camps but now I am about to start one. The continuing support you get from this group is amazing. All the women involved just want to see everyone succeed together. I would recommend this class to everyone. "